Sunday, July 1, 2012

Job Competition Can Be Good For Job Seekers

In today's competitive job market a few things have changed. Gone are the days when a job seekers could sit around passively waiting for an employer or recruiter to call. Gone are the days when you could just show up and get a check. With 4-6 people competing for every available job, job seekers can't afford to be passive in their job search anymore.

If there's one thing to be learned from the Great Recession it's that you have to up your game on every front. It's just a simple matter of supply and demand. These days employers can afford to be picky. They can afford to pick and choose from the cream of the crop. If you read the job descriptions it seems like you have to have a master's degree and ten year's of experience in your field for the simplest of jobs. It sounds pretty depressing.

As an employer and small business owner myself I can tell you that I'm just not willing or able to hire employees that just want to show up and get a check. Hiring employees is costly and a big responsibility, especially for a small business owner. I have to know that I'm making the right decision and that the person I'll be hiring is the best one for the job. I want to know that they really want the job. That means someone who has done their homework and knows as much about my company as I do. I want an employee that really understands the market and will go the extra mile to make my business the best it can be.

I think competition is a good thing because it forces you to be a better employee. This is something you should do anyway, but when times are good economically we all tend to get a little complacent. We take it for granted that things are going to be easy and when they're not we're not prepared. Competition keeps you on your toes.

As the world in general becomes more competitive, job seekers have to learn to adapt to it. When you're competing with several other job seekers who all want the same job, how can you stand out from the rest? How can you go the extra mile and prove to an employer that you're the best one for the job?

Learning how to be competitive puts you ahead of other job seekers and makes it easier for you to find a job no matter how good or bad the economy is.

Julie Austin doesn't just teach entrepreneurism, she's lived it from the ground up. She's dedicated to helping others become employed for life by using the techniques entrepreneurs have known about for years. Whether it's finding your dream job or creating your own dream job, Julie will give you the tools you need to succeed.

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