Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Become a More Ecofriendly Business and Save Money

When most business owners hear about new environmental regulations, or groups encouraging companies to Go Green, they are often overwhelmed by the expansive market of expensive new technologies being pushed by the eco movement. These pricy upgrades and redesigns are very effective at helping a business become a completely green business. However, for many smaller business owners, the monetary investments required to convert their current locations or build new facilities is just not realistic based on their company's profit margin. Just because a company cannot afford a whole new fleet of hybrid delivery vehicles or to convert their manufacturing plant and offices to clean energy, does not mean they cannot make small steps toward becoming a more ecofriendly business. Here are a few ways; even the smallest companies can make ecofriendly choices without spending very much money at all. In some cases these changes might even save you money.

Recycling has become a major part of everyday life across the United States. Nearly every town in the country has a residential recycling program and some even have fines if residents do not comply with recycling standards. Introducing recycling to your office is a great way you can move your company toward a cleaner way of doing business.

The digital age has brought about wonderful new technologies that make it easier to do business in a less wasteful and energy efficient way. Computers have revolutionized communication. Instead of communicating with printed memos and letters, emails dominate business communication. Encourage your office to go paperless whenever possible. Instead of printing memos for peoples mail boxes, send out a companywide email. Your employees will have access to the information even if they are not in the office and just think about all the money you will save on ink and paper if you do not have to do a lot of printing. Computers are not only good for communicating within the office. New face to face web cam chats, make it possible to communicate with people all over the world without ever leaving the office. The amount of energy and money you can save if you schedule your business meetings on line instead of flying around the world for face to face meetings might astound you.

Many offices are full of people drinking out of small water bottles or Styrofoam coffee cups. With minimal investment you can install a water filtration system on the faucet in the break room. Set up one corner of the room and a shelf and encourage all of your employees to bring in a mug and water glass from home. This will greatly reduce the amount of trash your office produces every day and also give your employees the chance to show a little bit of their own personality at work. You can even have a small contest and vote on the best coffee cup. Often workplaces that are more environmentally conscious are also more health conscious and that helps make the workers more productive.

Even the smallest initiatives can make a difference. Do not feel overwhelmed by the costly investments. Start small and over time your business will grow into a more ecofriendly workplace.

Written by Lawrence Reaves for Beacon Hill Associates - - a wholesale insurance broker and program administrator focusing on specialty insurance related to the environment and pollution.

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