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How High Performance Powdercoating Enhances Retail Sales

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Retail store fronts provide one of the major reasons for the need for exceptional powder coating services for maximsing brand awareness and recall. Particularly significant is the execution of excellence in powder coating building facades to replicate branding to large passing traffic audience on major thoroughfares. Clients such as these provide great challenges and case studies in the performance of strong powder coating services.

With a very strong existing brand a new showroom and retail environment was specifically architecturally designed and included the need for a very a special external façade to complement the company branding and positioning. In addition and also significantly the external façade was to maximise the high street presence in order to attract passing traffic.

The external façade was architecturally specified with a high performance paint required that would need to meet warranty requirements. Warranty requirements included the need for the paint to have a life of 15 years.

A leading powder coating company with extensive experience and in this case a powder coating company which has been providing powder coating services for over fifty years was shortlisted. And with extensive large building and construction project experience on some of the most important building projects the right powder coating company was selected. In other words a leading company was needed to be specified by the Architects in charge of this commercial retail project because of the unique production capabilities required.

The job involved coated aluminium panels through the entire exterior and using a high performance product that met all the jobs warranty specifications. Interpon is an ultra durable performance product for architectural projects that can meet highly exacting standards particularly for warranty projects.

Responsible for the preparation and powdercoating of the large structural gauge steel aluminium panels that accentuate the profile out of motor racing that sets this building apart was a major powder coating challenge. The aluminium sheets required for the building were very heavy and there was a need to design special racks to store the panels during the powder coating process. In addition the temperatures during the powder coating process needed to be modified to avoid distortion of the sheets.

The HP400 system was used with all sheets going through an abrasive blasting process, as the project could not be executed with standard powder coating system. Although the original specifications required standard powder coating systems to be used the warranty requirement was that the paint needed to last fifteen years and hence the project had to be upgraded to the HP400 system. This upgrade gave the performance and durability required by the client.

Because the steel sheets had very sharp and dangerous edges the abrasive blast systems were used to round off the edges and to bevel the edge of each perforated sheet so as to get bedded adhesion for high performance paint adhesion.

Large project providers can powder coat metal sheets up to 10-12 metre lengths and probably have the largest powder coating systems in available in any city. Hence, this retail commercial showroom with large external façade requirements was a perfect fit for the capabilities of a large projects provider hence an economical and quality fit.

Vertikote one of Australia's leading powder coating providers with full qualicoat accreditation and is accredited and a preferred and approved supplier to all major building associations and organisations. Vertikote successfully provided the powder coating to the Frase Motor Cycles showroom in Sydney, Australia.Vertikote is a high quality powder coater with large job capability and can be viewed at

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