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Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment

Data entry jobs today really consist of transcription. Lots of companies and government agencies use people who are good at listening to audio recordings and quickly, efficiently and accurately convert the recorded words into a typed transcript. With high speed internet,Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment are becoming a reality.

First the good news. There are many firms advertising for qualified people who can fill the need for transcription. They are recruiting people with training incentives, and although many companies demand qualifications that are top-notch, including experience, familiarity with medical or legal terminology, and above average typing skill, some are willing to work with entry level beginners and offer tools to help them along.

This article will showcase a bit of both.The bad news, at least for some of my readers, is that many of the top paying firms offering data entry jobs from home without investment require that the transcriber be a U.S. citizen. That may have something to do with the fact that much data entry deals with medical, financial and legal information that is private and liability suits await the company that can't keep a tight rein on their contractors. All require a background check. Overseas contractors are much harder to vet. But if you are a U.S. citizen that is one stipulation that gives you a rare advantage these days!

Here are a few common themes to the postings I investigated for companies offering data entry jobs from home without investment.

-You must be able to touch type at 70 to 80 WPM. -You must have an above average command of English grammar and usage. -You often need to have understanding of specialized terminology and vocabulary; e.g. medical terms, legal terms, etc. -You must be able to commit to blocks of time where you can do the work as it comes in to provide the company with a quick turnaround. Busy moms with unpredictable schedules and lots of distractions would not be the best candidates for this work. Retired professionals with great typing skill and uninterrupted blocks of time that can be flexibly scheduled probably would be better candidates. -You must be willing to work on call, at times when the need arises, and be flexible. The work comes in flurries and there is down time between jobs. -You must be willing to work as an Independent Contractor under IRS tax rules.

Here is one example that represents the mechanics of the job: The company sends you an email with an mpeg attachment that has 30 minutes of audio of a board meeting. You open your word processor and plug in your foot pedal*, and open your transcription software.

* The foot pedal is a USB device that works with the software. It allows you to play back the audio as you type and start and stop it with your foot, freeing your hands up to type. Some companies provide the hardware and software. Others require you to provide it yourself.

You transcribe the audio into a document, shoot it back to the company and move on to the next job.

There is a tremendous need for bilingual transcribers as well. Especially in the legal arena.

So if you have the typing chops you can make a good income online doing data entry jobs from home without investment. It's a great gig for someone who matches the special qualifications for these companies: (No experience necessary!)

This is for starters. you will find several more with a web search.

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