Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Australia - A Safe Investment Arena?

Many home owners and property investors during the last few years have lost money investing in property. Many borrowed more than they could afford whilst others invested in homes that plummeted in price during the recent global recession leaving them in negative equity. Whatever the reason, millions of people worldwide were left without homes or well out of pocket.

Thankfully now things seem to be changing and investors are once again investing in properties, albeit very cautiously. One place where investment has seen a dramatic increase is in Australia. Throughout the country property prices seemed to weather the global downturn relatively well and in some regions even managed to increase, although very slightly, in price. With fewer repossessions, Australia's property market really seems to be a safe place to invest.

So why did the property market in Australia survive the recent recession?

There are a few reasons. Firstly the Australian Government and Banks issued stricter lending rules so home buyers didn't borrow more than they could afford and didn't lend to those who weren't in permanent full time employment. Larger deposits were also necessary once again ensuring that borrowers didn't exceed their limits. This is turn kept the number of repossessions down which kept the market stable. Laws for over-sea investors were also put in place so permission was first necessary from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). This once again lowered the amount of borrowing in excess to foreign buyers and lead to less repossession's from foreign investors. With the Government working closely with the Australian banks the global downturn seemed to pass the property market in Australia without too much of an impact.

Investing in any type of property in Australia seems to be popular recently. A huge rise in smaller condo's and apartments has been seen and this is generally down to the immense demand for rental accommodation throughout the country. When placed with the right management company a healthy rental income can be earned whilst your property can only increase in value.

Larger homes in the more outback area have also seen a rise in interest and this is notably due to the Governments upgrade of the entire transport system to make more remote areas more accessible.

Whether you are investing in a property to live in, an apartment to rent out or a run down property to re-sale, Australia really does seem a safe investment destination.

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