Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where To Find Good Example Resumes

Finding a job can be hard these days. Employers have a distinct advantage in the market because there are so many people available to fill so few positions. This means you have to have a killer resume to get yourself noticed. Learning how to write a resume is made much easier when you have access to example resumes. Where can you find good examples of effective resumes?

Go To A Local Career Services Center

There are many places in your community that will help you write your resume. Workshops are available to show you what employers are looking for in a resume. If you don't have time for a workshop, you can simply ask for copies of resumes that other people have written in the past. It will give you a good idea as to what you should or should not include.

Go Online

The Internet is full of resume samples that you can browse. You can take your time looking through each resume to see what got that particular candidate a job. Many blogs and websites will even analyze them for you to help show you what you can do to tailor your resume to the job you want. This analysis can be useful when you are trying to make yourself look good to a potential employer. Having a reference resume handy can be useful if you ever forget how to format your resume.

Ask A Friend

Your friends have probably written resumes in the past. If you have a friend who has written a resume in the past year or two, you should ask to see a copy of his or her resume. You can go through it to see how your friend was able to get a job. There may be some unconventional items in there that you may have never thought of. For example, you might want to include the URL to your social media page. You may even want to post a digital copy of your resume instead of submitting a paper one.

Contact A Resume Writing Service

It could be a good idea to contact a resume writing service. This service will have plenty of resume samples that you can look at. They might even be willing to help you write your own resume for a reduced fee. Learning how to write your resume on your own with the guidance of a professional can be beneficial. It is a scenario where you can get the best of both worlds. You are learning how to write your own resume while also learning how not to make any mistakes while doing so.

You have many sources to turn to when looking for examples of resumes written in the past. Keep in mind that you should be using these as rough guides instead of looking to copy anything verbatim. You need to tailor your resume to your own particular strengths, experience and job field. However, example resumes can help you with formatting and other basic structural questions you may have.

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