Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tales From A Dumpster Diver

I wrote a few articles on dumpster diving in the past, and since then, more than a few judgment experts have given me their feedback. One of their stories was so entertaining, I obtained their permission to include their story into this article.

My articles are my opinions, and is not legal advice. I'm a judgment broker, and not a lawyer. When you ever want legal advice or a strategy to use, please contact an attorney.

The judgment enforcer had hit a road block with their post judgment investigations. They had a particularly sly and experienced judgment debtor who concealed their assets well. The judgment enforcer had obtained a lot of info on their debtor, however they had no idea on their assets. This describes their first trash search episode, also called a dumpster dive.

The debtor lived at a house that they may be paying rent with cash, approximately 10 miles away from the judgment recovery specialist's home. The judgment recovery specialist began by using Google Maps, then went on a drive-to, to see what they might find out by making a quick trip over to their judgment debtor's house.

The judgment enforcer then did a web search "cityname garbage pick-up" and found the local trash/recycling company for where their judgment debtor lived. The garbage company's web site didn't show any scheduled areas and days that trash was picked up. So, he phoned the trash company, and told them he was expecting to move into their town soon, and he needed to get a tiny bit of information.

The judgment enforcer told the garbage worker the block and street where the judgment debtor lived at, as the location he would soon move to. He then asked them which day, or day of the week, would his trash cans have to be placed on the curb for pickup? He got his answer (Wednesday mornings) and thanked them and said goodbye.

The following Wednesday morning, about 4:15 in the morning, the judgment enforcer and his buddy began their adventure. The judgment recovery specialist's friend drove an old pickup truck to their judgment debtor's house. As they predicted, their garbage and recycling cans were sitting in front of their home, at the curb.

They pulled up next to the garbage receptacles and parked. Their plan was to keep the engine idling, and the recovery specialist wouldquickly grab the trash bags in their judgment debtor's garbage cans. The reality was, while there was a few neatly-tied bags of garbage, most of the trash was loose, wet, sticky, and stinky. So much for a quick and easy dumpster dive.

The judgment recovery specialist had brought gloves with them, but they had no other equipment, not even spare plastic bags. The recovery specialist transferred the few sticky trash bags there were, into the back of the truck. Then he picked up the whole trash receptacle, and emptied all the garbage into the back of their pickup truck, and got his pants stained with grease.

Next to the debtor's trash can was a separate recycling receptacle, full of mostly junk. The judgment enforcer quickly dumped the papers into the back of the pickup truck; just as a light went on at the nearby house, and a dog began to bark. The recovery specialist's heart rate increased, and he jumped back in their pickup truck and they drove away, just as they heard a man yelling something. They did not wait to learn what the yeller was saying. Fortunately, they had gone before someone could spot their license plate.

When they neared the highway, they noticed some of the recycled paper stuff had flown from the back of the truck, so they decided to drive the alternate roads home at a slower speed. They resolved to either be much better prepared on their next dumpster dive, or to not do that again. After they got home, they arranged the "payload" on a thin tarp, and waited for daylight.

Using gloves and tongs, the enforcer sifted through the judgment debtor's garbage. As they expected, nearly all their garbage was just trash, and all of their judgment debtor's recycling turned out to be junk. However, they found a payload within the trash because they found a partially ripped-up statement from their bank and a void check that had been half-torn.

That was enough info to later do a fruitful bank garnishment, that paid off the whole judgment. Even though that stain stayed on his pants, and it was a scary, messy, and time consuming (especially for clean up), the judgment payoff made the venture worthwhile.

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