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Substance Abuse Counselor Salaries On Average

An exceptional person will be able to feel rewarded by the substance abuse counselor salary. Most of these therapists will likely need to help their clients along with their addiction to illegal substances. The salary that's received by alcohol and drug use counselors is acceptable for someone working with patients who're hooked on gaming, meth, booze, cocaine, and just about everything else.

Generally, a prospective applicant needs to have a college diploma in the area of social work or psychology in order to become a substance abuse counselor. Their main function will be to operate hand-in-hand with folks suffering from drug and alcohol dependencies. Therefore the proper type of training is vital. To obtain a substance abuse counselor salary, you have to be licensed or certified by the state.

There are particular things apart from the drug abuse counselor salary that you'll need to examine when you choose this career. The amount of money you can earn may vary by your license, certification, level of experience, form of education, job location, and the type of facility where the job is situated.

Substance Abuse Counselor Salary

A counselor in this field can make as much as sixty thousand dollars annually generally. Many people find that they are going to land somewhere inside the forty thousand dollar range after a little experience is earned. The money which can be made is ultimately up to the profession you have chosen for yourself.

Your salary will be pretty low when you initially begin working as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor. Entry level counselors earn up to twenty-five thousand dollars per annum throughout their first three or so years at the job. The basic level salary will vary greatly by the location and whether or not you're working in a public or private facility. People usually begin to see dramatic increases in salary after five-years.

Positions in government positions or at hospitals generally pay substance abuse counselors about 10,000 dollars more per year typically. Those employees who work at residential facilities are usually the least paid out of all the counselors. Individuals who open their own personal practice or work at high-level practices will be paid the most.

There are several other determining factors. The type of college degree you've obtained determines your total salary. Someone having a Bachelor's degree is likely to make a lot less than someone having an advanced master's degree.

You need to pay your dues to be able to maximize your annual salary. Do everything that you can to receive salary increases. Make an inventory and be sure you accomplish each task as fast as possible. Call employers in different states and cities to inquire about how wages differ by location. Ensure that you only accept a job that'll be able to give your needs. What is important about a drug abuse counselor salary is that it will enable you to live comfortably.

Clifford Berton is a Substance Abuse Counselor in Omaha, Nebraska. His favorite band is Cursive. Cliff frequently advises other counselors on methods to help make additional cash as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Pay a visit to his website at to learn much more in relation to his practice and just how you can make a lot more in this career.

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