Sunday, June 10, 2012

Real Estate Values and Lender Makes all the Difference

Making sure you are using the right lender is important when you're looking to purchase Real Estate in Salt Lake City or Summit County. One of the first steps in buying real estate is to get preapproved. That's a simple process if you use the right lender. I get calls every day from people that tell me that they want to rent rather than purchase.

When that happens, I always ask them why. They generally tell me that they aren't able to qualify right now. When they tell me that I begin to ask them questions about why they think that. In fact, during the past month alone I have been able to help such people not only get qualified, but I've also worked with them to find the right Salt Lake City area property.

I'm not a lender, but I know lenders who are very good. They add value to me and to anyone I'm working with to find properties. When I refer to one of these excellent lenders I don't receive any remuneration for the referral! But, I'm able to get your Real Estate Purchase complete more quickly and much more easily. It will make your purchase of real estate a great experience when you are introduced to a lender while you're looking to purchase property in the Salt Lake City or Summit County area. This introduces us to the next topic of the types of value in real estate.

I was working with Linda today. We were looking at some real estate in the Salt Lake City area. She asked me about property value. I asked her what she meant by value. She replied that she was wondering if the market values were increasing, decreasing or are stable right now. Of course I was able to answer that question with another question. What neighborhood in the Salt Lake City area are you talking about?

Value will vary within the real estate market based on the neighborhood. So, it's impossible, generally speaking, to cover the entire Salt Lake City and Summit County Real Estate market with one "fits-all-blanket." That's when I told her about another important type of value.

It's critical for all property buyers to focus on their life style and personal needs when searching for property. Make sure you are getting what you want. When I say that I mean, does it make you feel good inside when you're in the property? Does it facilitate the life style you lead?

I was working with another young couple last week. They were looking at a large, half acre lot with a house on it. The husband looked at the wife and said, "if we purchase this property then we'll be spending a lot of time taking care of it. That means we'll be able to spend less time riding our motorcycle around." The upshot was that they really liked spending weekends riding their motorcycle around Summit County so they selected another property that would allow them to have the free time they loved.

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