Saturday, June 9, 2012

Print Great Magazines Economically

Anyone who subscribes to a magazine will admit that she looks forward to the enjoyable routine of the magazine which arrives in the mail. A magazine which really works is one which is both quite familiar and at the same time new each and every time it arrives, because it contains new stories and new ideas and new photo spreads. And so if you are the publisher of a magazine, you know that you have something that people want and look forward to. Why would you want to change that model?

One thing you are aware of is that costs which can be controlled and even reduced allow you to do other things with the money saved. And so with your magazine production, whereas you always want to save money, at the same time you don't want to cheapen the look or the feel of it. There is a balance between cost and look; in the movie industry this is referred to as production values: a film which looks like a lot of money went into sets and costumes has high production values. The ironic thing is that what is being referred to is not the money itself, but the end effect. Did a lot of money go into making that movie? Who knows? Sure looks like it. Must be high production values.

Same thing with magazines. It's the end result that people judge, not the actual costs. What advantages do you have as the publisher of a small magazine in terms of getting the best look for your magazine? The secret has a lot to do with this: a full service printing company with decades of experience can get great deals on high quality papers and inks and those cost savings can be passed along to you. That's half the battle right there: keeping your principle costs low allows you to have more choices in terms of more pages, better coatings on the paper, higher quality photographs, and so on.

Another service that a full service professional printer can provide is help with managing your mailing list. Money which might be saved in the production process might be lost upon mailing due to problems with multiple magazines going to the same address, bad addresses, and so forth. Your printer can take your data and scrub it and work with the post office to improve the accuracy of the information.

Making sure that your files are ready to go well ahead of time eliminates the possibility of rush fees, and making sure that everything is checked and rechecked means that you won't have to pay to have work redone at the last minute.

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