Friday, June 29, 2012

How To Avoid Cheap Business Hosting Problems

A lot of people may be lured into making use of cheap hosting services, especially if they are new to starting an online business and have a strict budget to stick to. Although it might cater to some of your needs, based on the kind of website that you are starting up, availing cheap hosting services now may end up being more costly in the long run.

Furthermore, the cheap business hosting problems one faces while using a cheap hosting service can stack up and cause insurmountable difficulties later. Another thing that goes unnoticed is that cheap business hosting problems are not only limited to hosting problem per se but can be just as costly as an average hosting company or perhaps even a good one. This is because a lot of hidden costs are attached in the services that cheap hosting companies offer.

It is incredibly important therefore, that before you pick a hosting company you learn to differentiate between cheap hosting and 'budget' hosting. Although technically, they do fall into the same category the latter may still help you avoid some of the worst case scenarios one is eventually faced with if they resort to extremely cheap and shoddy hosting services. Budget hosting classically ranges from $5 - $9 and is generally quite reliable.

Before you start your online business venture you should keep at least a $10 budget for the hosting services you will be purchasing. Cheap web hosting falls within the $2.75 - $3.50 dollar range and is something that you should indefinitely avoid. One of the more common problems associated with cheap hosting is the increased frequency of website downtime. This means that your website will hardly ever be available due to the web hosts servers not functioning properly. This happens with all cheap hosting servers as more often than not; more than one server is shared by a multitude of different websites. The longer your website due to this will stay down and be out of order the more traffic and business you will lose.

Another drawback of using cheap hosting for your business is the poor server response. This is related to what has already been discussed above and is again due to the fact that many websites are sharing the same server. The end result of overloading a particular server with too many websites is that it greatly magnifies the server response time and happens when many browser requests are conducted in unison for a large number of websites, all, that are hosted on the same server.

As your website will 'hang' quite frequently as a result of this it will direct traffic away from your website and again, contribute to losing business for you. Cheap hosting also attracts spammers. Web spammers make their money by running an empire of thousands of sites, and although each website makes very little money, in combination the yield is rather large. In order to increase their profit margins spammers resort to cheap hosting as they have thousands of websites to run.

You might be wondering as to how this may affect you. Hosting services that cater to spammers may eventually end up being penalized or banned by search engines and this in turn will render your website useless or nonexistent. This is also known as the bad neighborhood phenomenon. Spammer sites with which your site is sharing cheap hosting may inevitably get involved in search engine malpractice and as you share a common IP address with them, the entire IP address may be banned. If you website is tossed from a search engine all your hard work and money will go down the drain.

Getting the right hosting makes a huge difference for your website or blog. You need to make sure you take the time to get hosting that will make a difference. Find the Top Hosting for all your Need by reading our Top Hosting Reviews here:

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