Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Personalized Stationery for Business Correspondence

Personalized stationery for business may not have been the first thing on your mind when you walked into your office this morning. That is totally understandable. Critical details are often easily overlooked. Despite its low-profile status in the business world, personalized stationery is an important feature of a professional, competent, modern business. If your business is lagging in the stationery department, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

1. Stationery Creates an Important First Impression - The following idea is so common that it is almost cliché, first impressions are important. But what about those impressions that arrive via the U.S. Postal Service? Those are important, too. That is where personalized stationery comes in by making your first mail impression as positive as possible. Do not overlook the importance of first impressions to potential customer or client, regardless of the form in which it arrives. Personalized stationery is one of the only ways to create a strong and positive first impression through mailings or letters.

2. Stationery Enhances Professionalism - While we are still on the subject of impressions, stationery has the potential to either make or break your business image. It is seriously unprofessional to have generic business envelopes with hand-scrawled addresses. If you are trying to create a we are-a-downhome-horse-and-buggy-mom-and-pop kind of image, that is okay. However, personalized stationery is a must if you are wanting a more professional image.

3. Stationery Simplifies Office Procedures - If you're looking to streamline administrative procedures, then having stationery is a must. Let it be so, using the simplicity of personalized stationery. Having matching letterhead, note cards, envelopes and business cards definitely gives your correspondence a professional feel as well as being a lot easier to coordinate.

4. Stationery Improves Marketing Effectiveness - Everything with a stamp on it that issues forth from your office is marketing. How is your marketing dollar doing? Stationery isn't simply a necessity of business procedures but it's actually a powerful marketing tool. Now, amp up your marketing potential with custom stationery.

5. Stationery Reduces Cost - You can actually save money by taking advantage of personalized stationery. After all, everything in a business should either make money or save money, right? With custom stationery, you can save money on correspondence by buying in bulk and avoiding incidental stationery purchases. Besides, no one can argue with the monetary upside of the benefits listed above.

Simply put, personalized stationery for business just makes good business sense.

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