Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Customer Service Reps Are Sworn To Secrecy About This

Trying to accomplish something or get a question answered with customer service over the phone can be such a headache. You're re-directed and re-questioned a dozen times, sometimes before you even speak to a live person. While you may be thinking, "How stupid of this company" it actually might all be part of their plan.

They are allowed to hang up

If a customer service representative hangs up on you, you may think that gives you double the authority to speak to the manager. However, you know that tiny message prior to your call that says the call will be recorded? Well, it really was. And if you screamed at or were inappropriate with the rep, the manager will witness all of that over the recording and probably not talk to you. They won't be yelling at the rep, that's for sure.

Twitter is has the power

Some companies are so wary of their reputation that they have staff whose sole job is to monitor things said on Twitter or Facebook about them, all day long. If you're not getting what you want via the telephone, sent out a tweet about it. You could expect a Tweet back offering you more assistance.

They're forced to keep it short

Notice how often you are redirected? My good buddy was once a phone rep for a company and one of her least favorite parts was how impersonal the job was. That that was because the company put a limit on how long reps could be on the phone with one customer. Today she is a voice coach and she loves the personable aspect of teaching people how to sing. Nobody is breathing down her neck, forcing her to speed things up. But that was always the case when she worked as a rep!

You might talk to a fake manager

Do you realize how many people ask to speak to a manager every day? But the fact is most companies don't have enough money to fund multiple managers. It's not uncommon to be put on the phone with someone claiming to be a manager who is really a simple representative in disguise.

The robots determine your fate

You know how you have to answer a dozen automated questions before ever getting to speak to a representative? That's because the company tries to spend as little money as possible on actually people. So, only the very important or the totally helpless customers get to talk to a person.

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