Sunday, June 10, 2012

Converse Boots For Kids

Converse shoes have been around for a while and they are not going anywhere any time soon. They are representing the fashion conscience public that is in need of style without sacrificing comfort. They are a variety of shoes, which come in different styles, lengths and colors. Children need to play in order to grow and expand their horizons and they need shoes that are strong and comfortable so as not to interfere with their physical activities.

Converse boots for kids provide a great opportunity for kids to express their fashion sense and they can be worn in all types of weather including winter. The All-star weather boot PR retails for $39.31 and the All-star Beverly Boot PR for $34.99 -$145.77 and it reaches the mid-calf and has a suede upper. The boots are carefully lined in textile and their cushioned insole makes them kid-friendly as the young ones feet are well protected. The rubber traction soles ensure the shoes last for a long time and this is especially advantageous given that kids play around a lot. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Outsider Boots are meant for the outdoors and they have laces and textile lace up closure with a rubber sole and they retail for $35.99 in shops. The laces can be tied in different ways and you can buy different colors of laces to make the shoes seem different. In the case of black shoes, the laces bought can be of a different color depending on the outfit the child is wearing.

When you think knee high converse for kids, think the Converse Chuck Taylor As knee Hi (unisex) IQ071 that goes at $59.99. As its name suggests, both girls and boys can wear the shoes. While boys prefer darker colors like black, blue, and perhaps brown, girls go for more bright colors such as pink and red with glitter and decorations. The knee high converse shoes can be worn with practically everything from shorts to dresses to skirts and pants and they still look great.

High top converse for kids' retail from $32.00 -$49.99 for Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top shoes and High top brown or black boots. The high-top is made from canvas and it is flexible and affords great comfort to the feet. The rubber front common in converse shoes offer protection to toes. And their durability is enhanced by the rubber soles.

It is also important to keep the shoes clean and presentable. Cleaning converse shoes should not be a hard task. Simply follow the simple rules of cleaning be it leather or suede. Normally, warm water, detergent and a soft brush is all that is required.

When it comes to children, the shoes the shoes they wear can influence them a lot. At that tender age when kids want to copy their friends and yet maintain their individuality, the choices their parents make is instrumental. The best bet is to choose shoes that not only provide comfort but seek to shoe a growing sense of fashion. And converse boots seeks to do both.

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