Monday, June 11, 2012

Career Advice On Changing Your Career After Redundancy

Redundancy can definitely knock off confidence; however do not let it stop you from getting another job. In fact, this can be a good opportunity for you to look for a better career. Changing career after redundancy cannot be too hard by not letting the negatives delay your progress. If you are one of the people who are declared as redundant, do not assume that it is your fault.

Listed below are useful advices from professional career advisors, which you can get ideas on how to move on, in terms of changing career after redundancy.

Inform and connect with network - Your network can be composed of your old colleagues, former co-workers, people you meet from seminars, clubs and religious organizations, commercial contacts, self-employed individuals who may potentially teach you on starting a business, and even your previous employers. Your best plan could be telling your colleagues and friends about your job hunting. Surely, you will have a positive feedback from the people who have been well acquainted of your potential value. If you have been redundant due to some changes in the company, your previous employer may refer you to another job, which can also be a match to your skills and experiences.

Update your contacts - Aside from your previous contacts, give yourself a break and meet new people. Among the many people you can meet in a vacation or petty business meetings, you can meet some potential employers or good people who can give you some job ideas. Do not forget to save their contact numbers and emails and keep in touch, however do not be too pushy on your interest to change career after redundancy.

Sort out your finances - Before you run out of cash while looking for good opportunities, settle your debts, ongoing bills, and many other liabilities. Allocate a little money for your savings and budget your disposable income just good enough to save you until you get a new job or support you in case you decide to train.

Get training or consider re-training - You can take your redundancy as a good opportunity to attend a training that will advance you to changing your career. Using a little money from your savings or if you have received a payout from your redundancy, use it to join workshops and seminars or enroll into a new course or classes that will enhance your skills and experience to be able to reach a higher level. Once you finish your training, you have a higher chance of landing a job that is better than your previous job.

Expand your horizon - Do not allow yourself to get stuck into the situation. Move on and settle for a new job, for instance you may want to work abroad or venture another field of interest, which you know you can be happier. You can work in a new company, which can be farther or nearer to your place, assume bigger responsibilities and earn a bigger pay, and surpass whatever accomplishments you have had with your previous work. Raise yourself to the top and give room for yourself for improvement and be recognized.

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