Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buy Custom Pens To Improve Company Visibility

Custom pens are excellent promotional products. Customised pens can be free advertising for companies and are often distributed as gifts at trade shows, in hotels or to customers. Though people are migrating to digital communication, pens are still useful in the business world. Pens are useful for signing documents or completing paper questionnaires at events. A business owner should consider how customised pens can improve a company's visibility.

Benefits of Customized Pens

Improved Visibility. Companies can improve visibility with customised pens. Pens engraved with a company logo serve as excellent reminders and marketing tools. When customers consider purchasing a product, they often think of the companies that gave them promotional gifts first. Pens are effective marketing tools when in use or while lying around on a table at an event.

Pens are both functional and useful marketing tools. Many companies distribute customised pens at tradeshows, conferences or other industry events. Studies have shown that customised pens are almost as effective as personalised apparel for promotional gifts.

Range of Price Points. Pens come in many different forms and price points. Business owners can buy disposable plastic pens with simple printed logos or invest in a pen with higher quality and an engraved logo. Business owners can invest in pens that meet their company's budget and brand image. For an exclusive event, clients may purchase popular brands in bulk to impress their clients.

Marketing Longevity. Pens are great promotional gifts. The marketing effects may last for weeks, months or even years. Hotels often place pens in hotel rooms to remind customers of their experience after they leave. This marketing strategy is highly effective, and people will remember to select the hotel for a future visit.

Improves Brand Image. Business owners can hire experts to design pens, improve brand image and increase sales. When customers look at the pen, they may think of the company favorably and remember to purchase from the company in the future. The favorable outlook is a major component of brand image. Companies that can successfully evoke good feelings each time a person looks at a pen with a company logo will receive more sales and recommendations. The promotional item serves as a daily reminder.

Compact. Unlike other promotional items, customized pens are compact and can fit in a purse or jacket pocket. When walking around a conference or event, it is easier to carry a pen than to carry a t-shirt or other type of promotional item.

What Type of Organisations Use Customised Pens?

Customised pens are often used in the healthcare industry. For instance, a pharmaceutical drug representative may give customised pens to physicians, along with free samples, to encourage them to promote a certain products in their practices. Pens may also be used in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare entities to remind patients of their quality care. Universities, colleges and banks also use customised pens to promote their organizations. Pens are highly effective promotional tools and can be found in numerous venues.

Consider Customised Pens for Your Organization

Consider how customised pens can help your company gain exposure. Many companies offer discounts for purchasing pens in bulk. Since most pens are affordable, companies can purchase numerous pens for every potential customer they encounter. Search online to find companies with the best deals.

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