Friday, June 8, 2012

10 Ways Twitter Will Change Your Life

Twitter is now a well-known Social network, having changed the way we communicate online. At least 460,000 new accounts are created daily and 140 million tweets are sent every day. This is why Twitter is a force to be reckoned with, and an excellent way to market to others.

Here are 10 ways it will change your life should you decide to get involved as a way to market your business:

1. You become more confident - most people are naturally shy to go online and make bold statements that go out to the world. Having to say one-liners that get one-line comments back helps getting started with online marketing.

2. You can be an inspiration - by giving inspiring messages you can inspire your followers which will make them remember you more.

3. You learn what to say to get more traffic to your blog or website - Your inspiring messages can help you win more traffic to your blog or website. Once you achieve this, you can convert them to list subscribers where you can send them longer messages via email.

4. You become aware that your product or service has a large audience - most old style businesses only work locally. Once you realise that you can market to anyone, anywhere, anytime, your horizons expand and you think on a larger scale.

5. You learn to give - by giving away free information, you get big payback: more visitors to your website, and more prospects to sell your product or service to.

6. You can learn a lot from others - you learn from your followers, what they say about you, your product and your service. You learn what they want, and what they need. This valuable information will help your marketing efforts, as you can focus on your target market better. You can also build products or services in order to exactly meet that need.

7. You can build lasting relationships - By interacting with others, you can build strong and lasting relationships. This will benefit your business as people love to do business with someone they know and trust.

8. You learn to influence others - interacting with others on a regular basis, and having to market your product or service as a solution to their problems will teach you to be a strong leader and you will learn to influence others.

9. Learn about your target market - You can learn about your target market by interacting directly with them, talking about their needs and desires, and what makes them tick.

10. You learn new ways of getting consumer data - being in direct contact with your target market will give you direct access to all the data you want or need in order to make decisions for you business

Social marketing is here to stay. The sooner you learn how, the better for your business. It could be the difference between staying a small business and becoming a large one.

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