Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Variety Of Promotional Clothing Ideas

There are many ways to promote your business. One of these methods is to put your logo on clothing. Promotional clothing can take the form of uniforms worn by you and your staff or giveaways meant to be worn by customers and fans.

Uniforms don't just promote your business while staff members are on the job. When they go somewhere for lunch, people see your logo on their shirts. This visibility is also present once they punch out for the day. If they stop somewhere before changing their clothes, it's free advertising for the business.

There are many types of uniforms. The full version isn't as common as it once was. This makes it more affordable to provide them to the staff. Polo shirts bearing the company logo will provide a coordinated appearance without the need for a substantial investment.

The other form of promotional clothing takes the form of giveaways and even sales. A small company is unlikely to get many people wanting to pay to wear their logo around. Therefore, giveaways are best for businesses that aren't yet famous.

Hats are a form of clothing that almost seem to be made to bear a logo. Baseball teams have been into this form of promotion for years. Giving away baseball caps with your own logo will ensure that it is seen by many people. This works best if your customers are of a demographic that enjoys wearing this style of clothes.

Other small, wearable items that are good for giving away include headbands, visors and wristbands. The important thing is to match the type of item to your most common customers. Gym-type accessories will be great if your clientele is physically active. If you cater to desk-bound office workers, on the other hand, activewear will end up sitting in the bottom of some drawer.

Shirts are a great giveaway for almost all demographics. Everyone can use a new t-shirt or polo shirt. However, the cost of shirts often makes a widespread giveaway prohibitively expensive. To get the benefit of shirt advertising without breaking the bank, try giving them as a bonus for orders of a particular size. Not only will this keep the costs down, it will put the shirts into the hands of your most loyal customers. These customers are the most likely to think that wearing an ad for your company is a fine idea.

Some types of businesses have products or services that are unique enough to be able to make a direct tie-in with the clothes or accessories they give away. An example would be a shoe shop that gives out laces printed with its name. The activewear mentioned earlier is great if you run a gym or track. A spa can give out robes to people who sign up for a membership of sufficient length.

To ensure the success of a promotion that uses clothing, pay close attention to what most of your customers already wear. The closer you can match your item to their style, the higher the chance that they will actually wear it and increase exposure of your logo as they go about their daily activities.

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