Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fabulous Summer Fashion Tips

In some parts of the country, things are already heating up nicely. While you are enjoying your summer, you can look your best. You will have fun and look stylish on any occasion after reading the following fashion tips.

First, take those socks off and feel the freedom of summer. Get your toes in shape with a relaxing pedicure, and then choose the right shoe for each occasion.

Nothing feels as great or shows off your relaxation skills better than a great pair of flip-flops. Comfort can also be stylish though. Find a unique pair for every color scheme in your wardrobe. Your white pair might have bright, multicolored fabric knots. The blue pair might have a flouncy flower, while the silver ones sport sparkling beads. Soles of different thicknesses are available as well. Most flip-flops are relatively inexpensive and if you are looking for a bargain, buy a low cost pair and decorate them yourself.

To step things up, build on the flip-flop image by wearing a nice flat sandal. A flat sandal might have a completely flat base or a slight heel. Some of the best include those with multiple thin straps, pairs with wide ankle straps and those with bead clusters, zebra stripes or a side braid. Flat sandals can keep you cool and comfortable while accenting your outdoor party or picnic look.

For a glamorous summer evening, when you want to look your best, you will want a pump or wedge. A sophisticated style can be one with a built-up sole and narrow pump-heel. Add a sheer flower to the toe-straps or ankle and step out. Wedges with flair can be the perfect addition to your collection of dancing shoes or wedding attire.

You can still look your best while you are keeping cool. Even when you are on vacation, you don't have to look frumpy. Save the old t-shirts and gym shorts for workout sessions, you'll have more confidence if you wear something adorable. Summer is more fun with color, so read up on summer color trends, and then shop for styles that flatter you.

Some of the hottest colors this summer include mint green, canary yellow, lavender, peach and azure. Neutral colors have a voice all their own, so be sure to include them as well. Try arranging your closet by color then choosing your outfit based on how good a color makes you feel on any given day. Vary your style daily by switching from shorts to breezy skirts and sundresses.

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