Monday, April 30, 2012

Which Fly Tying Supplies Will I Need?

Fly tying supplies are essential for all fly fishermen; you must have an ample supply with you so that you can have a productive and enjoyable day on the river. Although a high number of tackle shops sell flies that are already made and ready to use, a lot of enthusiasts prefer to make their own. Learning to do this on your own requires a bit of effort, but it can make the entire sport of fly fishing more interesting and personal for you. And it is not difficult to gather all of the equipment you will need between local outdoor sport shops, bait and tackle centers, and online vendors of fishing gear. What are some of the tools and additional items you will need as you learn fly tying techniques?

For starters, you will certainly need a good set of precision scissors and tweezers so you can tie and cut your cords at the exact measurements you need them. It is a common amateur's mistake to assume that any old pair of scissors will work fine and there is no reason to spend a bit more on quality scissors. A good pair of fishing scissors will often cost between $10 and $20, but you will be using them often so you need a reliable set that will also be comfortable for you to use. Your scissors are a highly important tool for all areas of fishing, not just tying the fly, so it would be wise to bring a second pair with you just in case something happens to the first.

It can be tough to make all of the precise cuts, knots, and threading movements that you need to in order to prepare a fly, but that is where fly tying supplies come in. Bobbins and bobbin threaders make it simple for you to thread your fly properly; the former put tension on the spool for you while the latter makes it easy for you to get the thread through the bobbin. When you need to remove fibers that have gotten stuck in the fly or apply cement, you should use a dubbing needle or bodkin.

There are many items you should have in your tackle box together with the above mentioned tools. Wire, thread, and beads are essential as are the feathers, hackle, and other items you will use in the fly.

Fly fishing is a fun and relaxing outdoor activity that many people enjoy on a regular basis. You can bring in an amazing catch thanks to your skills and the finest fly tying supplies.

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