Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Think of Postcards as Oversized Business Cards that Promote Your Company

What is the major difference between a postcard and a business card?

A business card is static, and a postcard is dynamic. The business card contains some basic contact information about its owner, and it has a certain look which conveys something about the company the individual works for.

The message conveyed by a business card is mainly image: the image of the person and the image of the organization.

A postcard isn't usually individualized, although it certainly can be. A postcard may very well - and ought to - convey an image of the company that sends it. But a postcard does more: it carries a message about a specific product, offer, or event.

A well-thought out postcard mailing will combine both aspects: long-standing image and immediate message.

Here are some ways that your next mailing can achieve this perfect balance:

Display your logo prominently on your postcard, just as you would display it on your business card. A well-designed logo always gets attention, and often gets recognized, and it tells the recipient at a glance who you are associated with. Fly-by-night companies generally do not spend money on well-crafted logos;

Use a highly professional design and layout for your message. Even though it's just a postcard, and even though it's cheap to make and produce, your image is reflected in how you present your message. A message that is simple, clear, direct, with a readable font and good coloration will be noticed and taken seriously;

Use "force multipliers". This is a military concept. An aircraft carrier is a force multiplier because it can transport several squadrons of fighter aircraft from Location A to Location B without the aircraft having to do the work of transporting themselves. When the carrier arrives on location, the aircraft and crews are rested and ready to go to work. By the same token, putting a QR code, a PURL or a website address on your postcard requires very little space. But when the recipient links to those electronic objects, she will open up a webpage or a website with scores or hundreds of pages of additional information. The postcard acts as a force multiplier in the information age;

Advertise your charitable or green connections. If you are committed to public service, environmental action, or charitable work, find ways to advertise that fact on your postcard. People will notice, and these activities create good will. It is well established that some people are "affinity buyers" - they do business with those who they think they have something in common with. If you can find a way to ally some business event with a charitable organization, that alone may be worth a mailing. Telling a thousand people that you will be supporting a major fundraising event, without trying to sell them anything directly, may do your organization more good than a commercial mailing.

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