Friday, April 6, 2012

Become a Real Estate Broker

One of the most multifaceted and important financial events in most people's lives are the acquisition or sale of a home or property. Because home sales and purchase is complex and very important, people typically seek the help of professionals in real estate when buying or selling real estate. There are many types of real estate career paths in Canada. One such career is the real estate broker. A real estate broker functions as a link between consumers who purchase and sell real estate. Their job is to locate sellers and purchasers of residences and property.

A real estate broker assists sellers with the marketing of their property and arranging a price for a property that is satisfactory for all of the parties. A real estate broker can operate their own real estate brokerage firm. To be able to work as a real estate broker, you must pass a broker's exam and get your broker license. In Canada, to be a licensed real estate broker, you have to take and complete a course as required under the Real Estate Act of your home province. For explicit rules on getting a real estate broker's license, you can get information from your province real estate governing body. The Real Estate Council is the regulatory and licensing agency put into place by the provincial government to oversee the Real Estate Services Act.

Each province oversees real estate brokers however in most cases to be a real estate broker you must be a minimum of eighteen years of age and a permanent resident of Canada. It is wise to be registered and working in real estate for a certain time as outlined by the provinces real estate board before apply for the real estate broker's exam. Depending on where you live, it can vary from six to thirty six months. You must complete licensing courses and passed the exams at typically no less than seventy five per cent. The final exam must be taken within the one year of submitting the application. You have to submit supporting documentation with the application and the fees when applying to take the real estate brokers exam. Each province will have their specific dates regarding the deadline of applications after a person has taken and completed the real estate broker's program. Most provinces require that you take a broker's licensing course.

After successful completion of the Broker's Licensing Course and Exam, you apply to change your real estate license status to real estate broker, either Managing Broker or Associate, with your province Real Estate Council. Real estate brokers have comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market in their communities. They know which neighborhoods that will greatest fit client preferences, requirements, and budgets. They know the tax laws and local zoning laws as well as where to get financing such as good mortgages for the acquisition of property. Most real estate brokers sell residential property however there are also commercial real estate brokers.

Becoming a real estate broker is a very worthwhile and profitable career. As well, there are a wide range of career areas in the real estate industry as well as the home mortgage industry such as mortgage loan officer jobs. A career in real estate is now a popular choice due to the various available career paths.

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