Thursday, April 5, 2012

Advantages Of Time Management - Action Chasing


What are the advantages of time management? How many times do you finish up going after information that people will need to achieve a task. Wouldn't it be pleasant if you could request the article you need at the final minute and it would actually be ready precisely when you want it? Not ultra early but just in time. I can hear people all saying, 'no likelihood', 'it's just wishful thinking'.

It is easy in this position to believe the other person is inefficient, not a team man or downright idle. Exactly why must it be the other guy's flaw? Take a proactive attitude and see how people can affect the situation.

Let's go through a few simple approaches that can serve to protect against this disappointment.


Don't leave actions to the last minute yourself. Give the activity time a little 'slack', so that you obtain the important information you require in advance of when you need it. The timing really should be in discussion with the person providing it. It is no good endeavoring to get the details way ahead of time as you require it just in time. Trying to obtain details prematurely may be unfeasible, or the content that you do get could possibly alter before the date that people use it.

Mistakes in communication:

Make completely sure that the information people require is transparent and agreed. Set it in writing and challenge the individual if they are happy with the request, entirely comprehend it or have any questions. Why do people want it and in what structure? This practice is not so that you will have someone to punish in the future. Many requests for information are made in advance of a required deadline. If you don't put it in writing, for the individual providing the information, it may be not so clear as the due date arrives.

Diary reminder:

Don't make the miscalculation that others will regulate their time as efficiently as you. Place a note in your diary to follow up the activity. This allows people to follow progress and acts as a prompt to the individual delivering the information.

Act upon continued offenders:

A few people, with the finest intentions, will always appear to be too late at supplying details. Learn why. Be proactive, don't merely think it is a one-off. If people determine the cause and solve the issue it will be best for everyone later. If an individual affects people with their mediocre time management they will almost certainly be doing the exact same to others. Will they need coaching in the advantages of time management themselves? Do they report to a separate manager that you can speak to? Endeavor to resolve a concern to the benefit of all before considering any form of punitive route.


In a comparable spirit, people not appearing promptly for business meetings could be clearly irritating. Modify the processes above to check progress. This is much more appropriate for meetings with one to three individuals. For larger meetings this is less useful. The concept that people will be at a meeting unless they tell you otherwise does not usually hold up. Just as earlier ascertain the difficulty and take steps accordingly.

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