Saturday, March 31, 2012

Use the Right Kinds of Imagery in Your Rack Card Designs

There is no one right answer to the question 'What kind of imagery works best with rack cards?' You have to consider a number of factors, including who the target audience is, where the cards are going to be located, what exactly it is you are selling. Here are some imagery types which you can consider in your design deliberations:

Person/face. A face is often a good way to draw attention to a rack card. This is because people read faces. It really doesn't matter whether the face is real or an image; the brain tries to discern emotions from any face. So using a single face, or an image of two or more conversing people, is almost certain to draw attention to your card. Of course, you have to capitalize on this moment by making the reader want to find out more.

Bold text. One way to capitalize on grabbing someone's attention is to make a clear, simple statement. Text, too, can be a kind of imagery. If you can get your message down to three or four words it may have a lot more impact than a lengthy text.

Color, symbol, product, locale, charts and numbers, and visual gimmicks can be used effectively if done creatively and if they don't obscure your message. Each of these is discussed briefly:

Color. Color can serve as a part of your message or it can be a background element. Some people feel that different colors send messages - red for aggressiveness or excitement; green for nature - that sort of thing. These distinctions are highly subjective and so you want to be careful trying to send an implied message with color.

Symbol. A symbol can be your own company logo or something like a red cross which is universally recognized as a symbol of medical care.

Product. If you think that an image of your product can draw attention to your rack card, try it. If your product is ordinary, you may want to try to portray it in an unusual way.

Locale. Some people find exotic locales a draw. This usage, however, may be limited to vacation or foreign travel advertisers.

Charts and numbers. Sometime an inventive use of charts can be attention-getting for the front panel of a rack card.

Follow the arrows and other visual gimmicks. Some people respond to visual gimmickry such as arrows

Kids and puppies. This is a sure fire draw, particularly for females. The advertising industry has long know that these images grab attention.

At Conquest Graphics, we have plenty of experience printing rack cards. If you're not sure what imagery to use, run some ideas past us and we'll give you the benefit of our many decades of experience. Contact us today.

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