Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not Every Vehicle Is Made Just For Driving, So Not All Hankook Tires Are Designed To Be The Same

The next time you swing by a tire dealership that operates in your town, you should take a brief moment to make note of all of the different types of Hankook tires they carry there and how many of them are intended for very specific uses. There are different wheels out there that are created to offer various levels of protection and handling on the open road, and then there are some that cater specifically to various types of motorsports. No matter what it is that you are actually looking for, there is definitely no shortage of variety when it comes to the treads that are available these days.

There's no denying that the leading type of tire is the most basic variety that you would put on the car you drive every single day to get you from your home to your job or school or to run all your important errands. Though they probably all look the same to you or any average motorist, the truth is that even these most basic tires come with their own distinct differences from one model to the next and can only take you so many places. Not only is there a difference in quality between these different models, which equates to them being able to travel for different numbers of miles, but there is also a difference in how they handle in adverse weather and road conditions.

A lot of people are very interested in high speed racing, and the only way one would be able to participate in one of those races is if they had a special kind of tread that is able to withstand those incredible speeds. Your basic everyday treads do not come with the right kind of grip that allows a racer to handle the way they should and most would come to pieces not long after exceeding one hundred and fifty miles. The wheels you will see on a race car are made of some remarkably durable materials and have treads that are designed to stick to the asphalt as they warm up, offering racers a grip that is second to none.

Without an incredibly durable tire that has an unbelievable level of grip in natural terrain, anyone who is participating in an off road sport would fall to the back of the pack in no time. Rally cars race on tracks made of nothing but dirt, and these cars need treads that penetrate the dirt enough to get a grip of something solid and keep the vehicle going forward around the track. This same principle applies to mud riding, but for mud races, the treads should be a whole lot thicker than the most basic dirt treads.

There are even some tire models that are specifically designed for various commercial and leasure vehicles, and these vehicles couldn't do what they are made for without them. Basically anyone should be able to look at the different driving scenarios and vehicles and understand why there are so many types of Goodyear tires on the market these days.

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