Monday, February 6, 2012

Outstanding Resumes and Cover Letters are Essential to Getting a Job

Your cover letter and resume are the most important items that will either help you get a job interview or will get you a rejection letter or no calls. These documents represent your introduction to your potential employer so you need to make sure they both stand out from all of the other resumes and cover letters. This is because when an employer reads your resume, he or she will be able to determine whether you will be contacted for an interview. This means the cover letter and resume are vital tools you need to achieve success in your job search.

Because the economy and job market are just starting to bet back on its feet, job posting have become increasingly more competitive. For this reason, it is essential that your resume and cover letter must stand out from all of the other resumes, which could be hundreds or thousands, in the pile of resumes. If you are currently out of work and looking for a new job creating a professional and eye-catching resume is vital to getting the job interview.

A resume should contain all of your skills that include your most recent acquired skills, experience, and education. It should also be well organized, focused around the specific job you are applying for and not a generic resume and it should also be very accurate with no lies. It is important to make sure that you note any certificates, awards, job promotions you received in the past, and conferences, leadership training, and work shops attended. It is essential to tailor all of your skills, education, and experiences to fit the specific job in which you are applying.

A resume is your greatest instrument to getting a job and a well-written and professional resume makes all the difference. A substandard or unprofessional resume will lead to missed job opportunities. You have to make sure your resume does not contain poor grammar and spelling errors, irrelevant info, and should not be poorly structured and badly organized. It will only cause the potential employer to toss the resume. You should also learn as much as possible about the company and what the company sees as a valuable employee. It will be very beneficial at the job interview as you will impress the employer. Also, following up after a job interview is essential to showing the employer how interested you are in the job.

When it comes to your cover letter, it is important to state the position you are seeking in the company and the vital points that will catch the reader's attention and cause him or her to want to read through the resume. A professionally written cover letter will give you a competitive edge over the other job seekers. A good cover letter highlights the most important qualities that will make you a valuable employee for the particular company. A professional cover letter and well-rounded job focused resume are essential tools to getting the job interview and ultimately the job.

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