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No Time To Write Articles? You Have Options...

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More traffic, more leads and mores sales, this is what Article Marketing is all about. And it's pretty much free. Sounds like the perfect marketing tool.

But, the problem is, writing articles is time-consuming. You probably don't like the idea of sitting down and banging out an article, much less 2 articles a week (which is the suggested rate). Plus, the idea of writing in general kind of scares you.

One of the following options may be the answer…

There are plenty of services that will deliver to you articles in the $10 -- $12 range (and I've seen them as low as $2). Somehow these companies have managed to make this profitable by reducing the writing process down to a very efficient science.

Chances are, with this approach, you're not going to get an article that is geared specifically to your target audience. And they probably won't chat with you about your ideas for the article. It wouldn't be profitable for them to give you this kind of attention.

But since this option is so cheap it would probably make sense for you to at least try it. Or if you simply want to build brand awareness it might work for you. But don't expect unique articles from this kind of service---or, for that matter, phenomenal results.

Another way to go about it: You could hire a freelance writer who will, at either a flat fee per article or an hourly rate, write the thing from scratch. Also, unlike the first option, she/he will talk to you (at least on the phone; maybe not in person) about your target prospects, tailoring the article to the demographic you're shooting for. Some writers will also do the keyword research and article submission. This will save you a lot of time, especially if you don't know how to do article distribution.

Obviously, this will be your most expensive option and will run you about $80 per article, give or take a few bucks. You may not want to jump into article marketing with this kind of investment. But if you have the money, it may be a good decision. It'll get you better results than buying cheap articles.

There is another option, however, and it may be your happy medium. It's simply called rewriting---the grey area between writing and editing. This would involve you writing the first draft, the raw material. Hold on, I know this article is about saving time…

When I say writing I mean taking 20 minutes to sit down and pound out about 500 words, just getting the ideas out there on paper. It may be clunky, redundant and possibly incoherent. But a good writer, the person you hire, will be able to take this "article" and make it sing. This way, the information will automatically be customized not only to your business but also to your profiled prospect.

Believe it or not, you really don't have to be a good writer. If you can verbalize your ideas into simple words (this is what editors are looking for, conversational language), it'll be enough to give the writer something to work with.

Then you send it to your writer (or editor) and let them shape it into a unique article that will get the attention of editors and your target prospects. And from this point on your work is pretty much done.

You'll cut the writing cost in half, and it won't take much time out of your busy schedule. If you do two 2 articles a week it might take only an hour per week. As with the second option, you might actually get to speak with the same person who is writing the article. Whether you're an okay writer or writing downright scares you, this last scenario may be the solution to your problem.

So there you have it. The happy medium for saving time and money in the Article Marketing arena.

Take charge of your business and make it happen---more web traffic, more leads and more sales. This is what Article Marketing is all about. Click!_article-marketing to schedule a free consultation on how you can make it work for your company. Neill is an Article Marketing guide, dedicating his marketing experience to help you build your business.

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