Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bug Rings And Bug Jewelry

Real insects are featured in insect display jewelry, one kind of which are bug rings that sit beetles and spiders right on your fingers. The beads, wood shapes, silver, gold, glass, and brightly colored fine stones that most jewelry makers use are replaced with bugs, their bodies, legs, and wings all there to be seen. Lots of children, especially those fascinated by the natural world, are sure to love these interesting pieces of jewelry that allow them to carefully observe the bugs encased within and show them off to their friends. Kids are not the only individuals using these creative fashion accessories; many adults like the eclectic style they offer and are wearing them too.

Natural insect necklaces are typically crafted with a pendant featuring a bug that has been carefully encased in insect display case. The bugs are being held inside acrylic material that is totally clear and extremely durable so you do not have to fear the case breaking and your little bug somehow escaping. This acrylic is also perfect for the pendants because it is perfectly clear and allows you to observe the bug within at every angle. Expect to receive lots of complements, comments, questions, and confused looks with your exciting new piece of jewelry.

If you fancy a new bug necklace, you would certainly look great coordinating it with a new bug bracelet as well. The insect case at the center of your bracelet can be matched with several different styles of bracelet, some of which are made from plastic, leather, or wood. The acrylic material that surrounds the insect in your bracelet is clear and will not affect the view you get from a microscope lens, so you can get a super close look at the little bug that you are wearing on your wrist.

The possibilities do not terminate with necklace pendants and bracelets, though; other gift items and fashion accessories are available. You might give someone a sudden scare by wearing bug rings, especially if they think the bug is creeping across your hand at first glance. Paperweights and key chains that show off colorful insects and frog skeleton pieces also make very nice gifts for kids and adults interested in science and nature.

Bug jewelry, bug rings, and insect display gifts are still rather hard to find in most areas since they are not common in big stores. But you can shop for bug products on the Web and have them delivered to your own home or your recipient's address.

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