Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Rolling Programme of Cleaning Services Can Minimise Disruption to Business

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The new owners of a busy restaurant found they had inherited an elderly extraction system in the kitchen and were anxious to ensure there was a high standard of cleanliness both in the kitchen and the extraction system but with minimum disruption and at a price they could afford.

After speaking to a number of companies specialising in commercial kitchen cleaning, the company they eventually chose to work with impressed them with its flexibility, attention to detail and the care it took to work around the normal restaurant activity.

The restaurant owner said: "They spent time in surveying the system properly, they took our business into account and they proposed a solution that meant that there was no interruption to our business at an effective and very pragmatic price."

Anyone involved in large-scale catering needs to be confident that kitchens are squeaky clean for the safety of staff and customers, but at the same time does not want to risk any loss of revenue due to having to close down for lengthy periods for cleaning.

Finding a specialist professional cleaning company that offers a range of commercial kitchen cleaning services is one solution. Industrial kitchen cleaning offers a range of options which include everything from a thorough top to bottom deep clean to regular grease filter cleaning and replacement.

It should be possible to use careful scheduling and dividing up the tasks to be done to keep the facilities clean and fire-proof without disrupting the work flow.

Where a kitchen is heavily used and generally busy the grease will build up quickly on the filters, so regular, scheduled filter laundry and replacement would be necessary.

It would have the added advantage that the extraction system will work efficiently, leaving less grease dissolved in the steam and hanging around the kitchen to eventually be deposited on surfaces, leaving the whole extraction system and ductwork needing to be cleaned perhaps every six months.

However, the kitchen will still need some regular thorough cleaning and an annual kitchen deep clean or a steam clean will take care of that. In general this is carried out working from the top of the room to the bottom, ensuring that any build up of grease or food is removed from hard to reach places.

If there has been regular cleaning or maintenance of those systems in the kitchen that are most likely to need it the deep clean may only be needed once a year.

Breaking down the operations involved into their component parts can help the kitchen owner have confidence that their standards are being maintained but in a way that is affordable and with as little disruption to the workflow as possible.

Commercial cleaning companies offer a range of kitchen cleaning services and they do not all have to be done at the same time. This makes it possible to minimise disruption to business. By Ali Withers.

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