Monday, October 31, 2011

Windup Radio - A Modern Miracle

A windup torch or wind up radio, which is also sometimes known as clockwork radio, is a device that is powered by human energy rather than electrical power. Unlike everyday radios that are usually powered by electricity or battery energy, a windup radio can simply be operated by winding a spring, which in turn runs an electrical generator and thus produces electrical energy needed to operate the device.

Windup radio or wind up torch is very useful when you are stuck at a place where there is no electricity or when you are not able to get hold of a battery. Having clockwork energy do the job for you at that time is nothing short of marvelous.

While such gadgets are generally used in areas where it is not possible to use a normal radio, these are also extremely useful when the radio is used rarely and where old batteries run the risk of deteriorating and thus causing damage to the equipment itself.

The modern windup devices that are used these days combine a number of gadgets into a single tool to allow multipurpose use. So, you may see a radio that also includes a flashlight and an emergency siren. These may also have the advantage of multiple power sources such as battery and electricity besides having the ability to operate on wind up energy.

Another alternate source of power that can be used to operate your radio or torch is solar energy. While both solar and wind energy are extremely useful and have their own advantages, wind energy scores in conditions where there is no sunlight. However, most of the devices available these days can be operated on both these sources .

Most wind up radios can be listened to for around 20 minutes with just around 1 minute of winding.

Wind up radios will be well appreciated by your clients and used for a long time . Your promotional gift may be used for leisure activities such as camping or kept near at hand for emergencies such as power-cuts, floods or storms.

Advertising your business with a wind up radio shows that you care for your surroundings as a conventional radio will generate landfill waste of used batteries with possibly dangerous materials. A wind up radio creates no such waste . The actual action of winding up the radio will focus your Client's eyes on your promotional message and remember your business activities.

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