Friday, September 30, 2011

Why You Should Be Eating Organic

If you have not been filling up your reusable bags with organic produce, you should stop and ask yourself why. There is no question as to whether there is a link between what you put in your mouth and your overall health. By now you should understand that fruits and vegetables are an integral part of your well-being, and should be at least half of what you eat on a daily basis. By consuming the proper amount of fruits and veggies, you ensure that you are receiving many of the vitamins and minerals vital to good living and body function. If you are not filling your store bags with fresh goods, then you may not be treating your body with the respect it deserves.

Fruits and veggies are low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals that help prevent some of the world's most serious diseases such as cancer, Crohn's disease, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. But not all produce items are created equal. In today's food market, there are many produce items that have been tainted with chemical sprays and genetically engineered to look a certain way. Artificial fertilizers may also pose health risks for consumers. Buying organic may be a bit more expensive, but this is money well spent. After all, nothing is more valuable than your health without it, you do not have much.

One of the best reasons to go organic is that chemical pesticides have never been introduced to these produce items. Pesticides may cause long term health problems, including dermatological issues, cancer, respiratory troubles, neurological deficiencies and birth defects. By eating organic, you can rest a little easier at night. There are higher amounts of minerals and vitamins in organic produce items. Your body requires a good crop of vitamins A, C, D and the various B vitamins to maintain good working order. Organic produce is an excellent source of zinc and calcium as well. Because your body is a natural thing in itself, it more readily absorbs these vitamins from natural sources. In addition to being healthier, organic fruits and vegetables usually taste better than those which are not produced using environmentally friendly means. Flavor is not compromised when organic produce is harvested, unlike many other un-organic produce items that are taken from the plant before they are ripe and further ripened with gas.

By eating organic, you will be able to eat with the seasons. This means that your diet will change according to what is in season, and this means that your body will experience different flavors, nutrients and be able to better adjust and create a stronger immune system. If you are eating organic, you are ensuring that your body gets the best possible produce out there, and by taking care of your body you are also ensuring that it will take care of you.

Buying locally is a good way to consume organic produce without going broke. Farmer's markets often offer organic goods at much better prices than one will find in the grocery store.

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