Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making Your Kitchen More Functional

The Kitchen Work Triangle

Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes. However, virtually all quality kitchens share at least one characteristic. This shared characteristic is the work triangle.

The work triangle refers to the way the kitchen, sink and stove should be arranged. Regardless of the design or style of a kitchen, organizing these three key appliances in a triangle shape will ensure the kitchen is a functional space.

The ideal size of this triangle is 26 feet. While there are quite a few ways to organize the work triangle, the three sides of the best configurations add up to 26 feet.

If you're doing a major overhaul of your kitchen and are working with a designer, they will be aware of this principle. One advantage of enlisting the help of a designer is they can show you the different ways this principle can be applied to your kitchen.

You want to make sure your kitchen's work triangle is complemented by adequate countertop space. All three components of your kitchen need dedicated counter space. You want space on both sides of your sink so you'll have room to wash vegetables or clean dishes.

Having room on your counter on both sides of your stove will ensure you don't feel cramped while you're cooking. And being able to have very accessible counter space by your refrigerator will make it such an ease for your grocery items especially when you're cleaning.

Making What You Need Easy to Access

You probably store quite a bit in your kitchen. Anybody who regularly cooks has many cooking utensils, pans, cutleries and other items that needs to be used every so often. While these cooking accessories do have their place, you probably don't use them except for specific tasks.

Increasing the functionality of your kitchen means separating what you regularly use from the things you only use every now and then. You don't have to dig deep and search through your things that you use less often to get the one you use daily.

Once you have started dividing your cooking equipment into two groups, you would want to make you're most used piece as accessible as possible. The best way to do this is by properly outfitting your cabinets.

Dividers can be an excellent addition for making items easily accessible by keeping them organized. A Lazy Susan is another very useful accessory. Adding one or more of these to cabinets in your kitchen will allow you to twirl around to what you need without actually shifting lots of items around.

An Underneath Sink

You'll find this sink can make life much easier for you. The main problem for the drop in sinks is they tend to get very dirty around the edges. This results in you spending a lot of time cleaning.

An underneath mounted sink does not present this problem. The reason for this is because the sink is found below the rim of the counter. This results in being able to clean up all the cooking scraps in your sink without it being stuck on the edges. You can clean your counters by wiping towards the sink without creating an additional area you have to clean.

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