Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Craft Projects To Experience Together With Your Child

When you wish something fun and cheap to do with your child, it can be hard to beat easy craft projects. Children usually like to do craft projects, and it's also a great way to enable them to foster creativity. When selecting craft projects, you should match the difficulty of your project with the age and abilities of the child. It is fine if your craft might be a bit challenging, but when it's too hard it will not be fun, and your child will want to quit rather than complete it. Naturally, you need to arrange to assist your child with any elements of the project that might 't be considered safe for their age level, such as a small child using sharp scissors. If your child will be completing the craft unassisted, make sure you choose something they can succeed in making on their own. Here are a few great ideas for craft projects that both your son or daughter and you will enjoy.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are certainly one item that almost everyone are able to use some more of. You can buy them in a range of sizes, colors, and designs, and you can also personalize them and decorate them as the craft project. Should you start out with plain wood picture frames, then you can decorate them with a good assortment of things, like rocks, sea-shells, or small sticks. Generally, all you will require are a few frames, a bottle of household adhesive, as well as your decorating items. When you have some wood or chipboard letters, your child could even personalize the frame with their own name. Allow your child to create a few to decorate their own room, or make several as gifts. Be sure you safely take away the glass from the frame before allowing your child to begin decorating.

Making Clay Sculptures

One of the beautiful aspects of dealing with clay and making sculptures is the fact that there is no right or wrong way to create one. If you wish to allow your child to be extremely creative and not spend a great deal of cash, then sculpting is a great activity. Make certain you protect your work surface with a vinyl tablecloth, and be sure that your child is wearing an apron or old clothes. Now, give them a good hunk of clay and watch them get creative. When you get self-hardening clay, you will not need a kiln for the hardening process. Once the sculpture has dried, it's time to decorate it with acrylic paints.

Having Fun with Paper "Mosaic" Art

Creating paper mosaic art is really a craft that even small children can have fun with. It's also a great way to use up small scraps of construction paper, scrapbook paper and even gift wrap scraps. Start with cutting a variety of colored paper up into little irregular or geometrically shaped pieces. Now, you can give your child a stiff section of poster board plus some school glue. For young children, a piece of self-adhesive contact paper glued face-side down to a sheet of poster board so that the sticky side is up once the backing is taken away also works well. Children may then create designs by sticking the paper shapes on the board. When the creations are completed, show them off proudly in some beautiful wall picture frames.

So, try some of these fun and easy crafts when you are trying to find a project to do along with your child. Make sure you snap some pictures of them having fun!

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