Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beginners Will Love This Log Cabin Doll Quilt Pattern

A log cabin doll quilt design starts in the middle with two exact blocks. The square pieces are sewn together at one side to make a rectangle. The first rectangle becomes surrounded with bigger rectangular pieces, and stitched together to form a square.

By the employment of color, the end result has the look of stair steps running from one corner of the large square to the other. The colors typically selected for the pieces are darker shades in the other half. You might say under the stair steps. Lighter shades are normally chosen for the other side. The coloring creates interest and creates something of a two-dimensional appearance. Quilters play with color to add all kinds of patterns. Some creators like to use single colored pieces on one side and many colored pieces on the other. Selecting a spackled color puts dimension in the look.

The pattern is one that is not complicated to sew and is often suggested for novices. As a quilter's talent increases, she can utilize the same uncomplcated pattern to make all kinds of designs, easily through utilizing color choices.For example, you might begin with a dark block in the middle and select lighter colors for each surrounding square or reverse it. You could start with light colors in the center and darker colors on the outside. You wouldn't have the conventional log cabin quilt pattern, because the focal point would be on the squares. To put it another way, you would not have the stair-step look. But sometimes you like something unique.

If you are making quilts for dolls, you will want to diminish the size of the starting two squares and the encircling rectangles. If you start with the average size used for an adult's quilt, you would end up with approximately nine pieces and the appearance would be ill-proportioned to the doll. It is simple to make a log cabin quilt pattern in proportion for dolls of all sizes by beginning with a computerized design, then simply adjust the zoom, print it off, and you receive the size you desire. Another possibility for larger quilts is to begin with little doll-sized squares and then sew these together. I have seen some examples of that pattern. It looks very nice. Quilting needs time and practice.

A simple log cabin quilt pattern for novices, is one of the most helpful for practicing and learning to sew quilt blocks. You will be stitching short pieces of rectangular fabrics, all cut on straight grainlines together, and attaining beautiful results.

JoAnn grew her love for sewing as a child in 4-H. 40 years later she is a sewing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passion for sewing with all ages. Author of seven hard copy sewing books and several e-books that explore many sewing applications, JoAnn seeks to encourage you on your sewing journey and pass on to you a love for the exciting world of stitching doll clothes. Visit her online at

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