Friday, April 15, 2011

It’s that time of year!!

The grass has started to grow and soon the lawns will all be green again.  What a great time of year?  Well yes and no!  You see every year it seems the same thing happens around my neck of the woods.  The snow starts to melt, I can see my lawn again and with it comes all the surprises.  You know, the places the dog has used as a washroom, the front lawn that the snow plow ripped up and even the leaves that I did not get around to raking from last fall.  All of this is to be expected.  The one part of spring that I dislike this all the garbage that becomes visible now that the snow has gone away.

I don’t understand why driving out into the country and throwing your Christmas tree into the ditch is the right thing to do.   I live on a rural country road and now that spring is here I could show you at least 3 Christmas trees that have just been dumped on the side of the road.  There are worse things that could be thrown into the ditch and bags of garbage, take out food bags and empty liquor bottles area all part of what we see when we start taking our evening walks down the local road.  With the rising cost of garbage disposal I can understand wanting to save a few bucks but throwing it in the ditch on some rural road hardly seems like the most cost effective thing to do.  In fact this probably the least cost effective way of disposing of trash.  We will now have to pay our tax dollars to have this picked up by municipal staff and driven to the local garbage dump. 

Every two weeks I put tags on my garbage bags and sort all my recyclables and drag them to the end of my lane, so why doesn’t everyone else do the same? My local municipality spends thousands of dollars each year on garbage pickup and recycling plans.  The least we should do is use the plans that are put in place.  Believe me when I tell you this is the cheapest way and with the high cost of gas I must cost at least $3 to drive out to the country to throw away your trash along the side of the road.  Where is the cost savings in that theory?  But enough about my rant and what bothers me.  By August I will be enjoying the peace and quiet of living in the country and all the trash will have been cleaned up.  I will have long forgotten about what I saw when all the snow melted and it’s that time of year again! 

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