Monday, March 21, 2011

Education as a Lifelong Process

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"I'm so glad that we're just about to finish our education," a friend of mine, john, told me the other day, beaming with the funny smile of a prisoner who is counting on his fingers the remaining days of his sentence. Instead of saying "me too", however, I said seriously, "No, john, I don't think so. You see, education is supposed to be a lifelong process." john stared at me in disbelief. Why, is there more to education than going to schools or colleges and landing a good job?
Yes, of course, especially in today's China. Take college teachers for example. In the past, college teachers taught the same textbooks year in, year out. Tests also remained the same. The questions or problems may be different, but they were simply variations on the same old themes. There was little need for teachers to pursue further education. Nowadays, however, there is no such thing as a clear line between teachers and students. Faced with fierce competition for academic achievements, teachers have to pursue doctorate or even post-doctorate degrees. Even tenured professors are under the constant pressure to update their knowledge so as to keep up with the latest academic development. In fact, such a state of affairs is currently shared by all walks of life.
This, however, does not mean that education plays no more than a utilitarian role in our life. Apart from scholarly titles and better chances of promotion, education also has great effects on one's character. when we say someone is well educated, we do not simply mean that he or she has amassed a great amount of knowledge, but that he or she has high moral standards and high EQ, is capable of critical, rational thinking, and is able to face up to all the pressure in modern society. all this, however, calls for lifelong learning and practicing education cut short early in life, therefore, may lead to an under-developed character.
Education as a lifelong process is important for one's job, character and family. The old saying: "one is never too old to learn" remains a truth in the present society.

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