Sunday, December 2, 2012

Secret Santa Sorted With A Click Of A Button

Every year at work do you find yourself faced with the same dilemma during the Christmas period; what to buy for everyone? Luckily for you, there's a solution. It's not sure when it started or where, but it's the perfect answer to saving money and avoiding too much stress over the festive period.

The Secret Santa tradition brings together a group of people, usually those working with each other; each person drops their name into a hat, and everyone draws out a name from the draw. Whoever you get, you buy a present for, and yes it's that simple!

The beauty of the Secret Santa is that you only have to buy one present, and nobody feels left out; but what if you don't get the person that you've been waiting to express your undying love for? Or what if you've accidentally picked out the office fool that nobody likes? No problem! There are plenty of things you can do.

Usually with this tradition there's a limit on how much can be spent on the present bought; most of the time you can be limited to a fiver, and a bit more if you're in a well off company; don't blame us, we didn't make the rules! There's nothing to fear though, whatever the amount, a range of appropriate presents can be bought within a limit or on a budget this Christmas.

For girls you can never go wrong with two things; chocolates and toiletries, and they say that the female sex is hard to please! Men however are a different type of present all together. Firstly you need to identify what type of man you're buying a present for; most mean are usually big kids at heart, but some might prefer a more traditional and sophisticated present, it's up to you to figure this out.

For the big kids; novelty gifts that take them back to their childhood will definitely be a hit with them and around the office. Retro style games, gadgets and toys that can entertain in the working environment can be especially appreciated... unless they get confiscated by the boss anyway! For the more sophisticated type (poor you if you got the boss!) something eloquent like a personalised key ring, travel card holder or flask might be more appreciated.

Remember these are the people that will hold a possible influence over your time at work, so stick to the rules of the game, and don't tell anyone who you got. Enjoy the game and don't look too disappointed when the office idiot picks you out in the draw!

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