Monday, December 24, 2012

Secret Santa - The Gift Maybe Secret But The Stress Isn't

It is that time of the year again where everybody cannot wait to finish work for the Christmas period celebrations, the annual work office party is fast approaching and the names for Secret Santa are being drawn. When you realise who you have got, your heart immediately starts to sink. You have ended up with the man who has everything!

Whether you are male or female yourself Secret Santa is always difficult, especially if you get the man who is always hardest to buy for! But do not fear; with a special range of Secret Santa gifts you will surely find a present that he is very unlikely to already have. This huge range of novel, fun, exciting and different gives will leave you feeling spoilt for choice!

There are endless ideas of gifts, including the App Cube; this snazzy puzzle cube is a bigger brain teaser than the original 4x4 cube puzzle. Featuring App logos he will have to not only get the same colours and Apps all on one side, he will also have to get the App shapes facing the right way! This will provide him with endless hours of fun and a fantastic brain work out.

If this seems an unlikely present for him then why not give him the Bananagrams gift, an enticing word game which does not require a pen, paper or even a board! This word game, compiled of tiles showing different letters of the alphabet, can be played between 2 and 8 players suitable from ages 5 to 105 comes in a stylish banana pouch. This is a perfect Secret Santa gift for a man who loves to be competitive and show off his intellectual skills and doesn't break the bank this Christmas time.

If you feel that all of these puzzle games will stress him out, the perfect gift is at hand, literally! The Banana Stress Squeezer, which is the same size as an actual banana, will accompany either the App Cube or the Bananagrams gift perfectly, especially if he gets a bit hot headed when he is not winning! If you think these are the gifts for him then you certainly need to get him the Brain Power sweets to make him feel that little bit more intelligent. These novel gifts are only a few from the fantastic wide and varied range of Secret Santa gifts, so get shopping today and forget the past years of struggling to find him the perfect gift!

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