Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Time, Bottle Stoppers And Wine!

Christmas is the time f the year where we all love to relax, put our feet up and enjoy a nice glass of our favourite beverage. If your man enjoys a glass of wine or two then the perfect presents are waiting to be bought for him.

The outstanding Cherry Wood Gear Stick Bottle Stopper made of rubber and polished stainless steel combines his love of wine with another love of his life, cars! This gift is ideal for the numerous numbers of bottles open this Christmas!

An ideal gift to join this one is the Automatic Wine Preserver, before using the Cherry Wood Gear Stick Bottle Stopper use this ingenious piece of machine to preserve any opened bottles of your favourite plonk. You simply place the Wine Preserver over the bottle, press down gently and let the battery operated pump do the rest of the work. This brilliant piece of technology will not only lock in colour, flavour, fizz and freshness for around seven days it also has a continuous digital temperature display so that the bottle can be stored in the right conditions. Your man will love you for this awesome gift!

If he considers himself a bit of a wine connoisseur then he will surely appreciate the Wine Aerator as a gift. As the win pours through the Vinalito Wine Aerator it helps to breathe life into the wine which consequently enhances the bouquet and releases the aromas and flavour of the wine. These gifts will be perfect, but there is also a wide range of wine related and none wine related gifts to accompany these including the Cheese Knife and Stilton Scoop Set or a beautifully elegant Champagne Flutes gift set.

But do not fear! If wine is not his thing then there is a wide range of gifts available including fantastic stocking fillers and secret Santa gifts. Ranging from Bath time Fun (various soap, shower gels and smellies), to Gadgets (including the triple snow ball maker, App Magnets, Disco Calculator), to History (for example the Battle of Britain Playing Cards, England My England Book, 52 Great British Weekends), to Looking good (such as Cufflinks, Belts, Scarves and deodorant), to Outdoor Fun to Travel and Adventure (including Best Ever Travel Tips, Camping, Classic Hip Flask and Escape Routes)!

So why don't you get shopping today for all of those novel, exciting, fun, useful and different gifts for the men in your life!

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