Friday, October 19, 2012

Windows Make The Business

Not all businesses utilize windows as a way to invite customers into the business space, but some rely on the use of windows for advertising. Since windows are used for business, they need to be tidy and clean for customers to see through and receive a sense of upkeep from the business. When a business doesn't keep their store area clean, it reflects poorly on the business.

What does a clean window communicate to customers?
-It communicates the business's sense of cleanliness and stresses the importance of keeping a clean business environment. Clean environments are more welcoming to customers, thus producing more traffic for businesses.
-Clean windows communicate any advertisements to customers. Whether the advertisement is posted to the window or just inside, customers need to see inside without smudges on the window. If the window isn't clean, then customers will pass by without wasting time to look.
-Clean windows provide a greater view of what's inside. Often, passerby consumers are intrigued by a business by what they can see inside. Someone may not typically enter a store, depending on the name or advertisements, but they may enter because of what they see. Keeping windows clean allow consumers to see what lies within, which may spark their interest.

What does a dirty window communicate to customers?
-Dirty windows communicate a lack of care or importance. This message is the worst to send because it reflects poorly on the entire business. Whether you are offering incredible products and services or not, people tend to steer clear of places that seem dirty or less tidy. People prefer clean.
-Dirty windows communicate little importance on the need to be clean and tidy in work. This can translate to other areas of the business.
-Dirty windows keep customers from seeing what's inside and displayed advertisements. If customers have a hard time seeing into a business space, then they are less likely to enter and less likely to make a purchase. As a business owner, you want people to come inside, browse and make a purchase.

Now that you know the messages sent to customers based on the cleanliness of windows, you can make adjustments and make sure customers are receiving a good impression from the look of your business. Keep windows clean and tidy because it reflects well on the business and invites more people into the store. Windows are great for business because they are free advertising. However, they must be used properly if businesses want to get the most use out of them.

Clean windows invite customers into any business space. When windows are clean and tidy, more people are likely to enter the business space. Get your windows cleaned by professionals and invite customers into your store. Get started here -

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