Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Effective Bosses Can Reduce Workplace Stress

Managers must improve their performance levels in order to combat rising workplace stress and discontent.

 Recent research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) revealed that the ineffectiveness of some managers was damaging both employee morale and workplace productivity.

 The CMI's study discovered that the majority of workers consistently make business decisions that they think they do not have the necessary authority to do so because they feel they cannot approach their bosses.

 Having an approachable boss is vital to the success of a business because employees value being given the opportunity to communicate with their managers regarding workplace decisions.

 Employees that cannot discuss their decision making with managers will worry about the choices they make and this is likely to increase stress levels which will decrease productivity.

 Uncommunicative managers are likely to lose the respect of colleagues and this could result in a growing number of employee tribunals which is an incredible expensive and time consuming process.

 For many employees, their bosses' behaviour has a direct impact on their stress levels as poorly performing managers will damage job satisfaction and in extreme cases they can negatively affect the health of some staff.

 A previous CMI study found that workplace morale was becoming a growing concern for many managers as 70 per cent reported a marked decrease in employee drive over the last six months.

 One way to increase employee morale is to introduce more training as this will enable them to improve performance levels which will result in increased productivity and job satisfaction.

 If an employee feels that they can communicate with their management, then they will feel confident to reveal areas in their performance which are open to improvement through more training.

 Some employees are worried about asking for extra training because they are embarrassed while others are concerned that highlighting certain weaknesses will damage their credibility at work.

 It is the responsibility of managers to both show competence in their position and learn how to engage employees in order to help them reach their full potential and increase productivity.

 Employee engagement can only be achieved by managers who are completely committed to supporting their workforce by being accessible and communicative at all times.

 Performance improvement consulting professionals can help managers become more effective by providing a powerful counterintuitive approach using cutting-edge thinking and methodologies.

 It is advisable only to employ the services of management consultants who can demonstrate hands-on experience, knowledge and exemplary credentials relating to the industry you work in.


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